Belgian Producer
Insound Co Founder
Mater Director
Analog Artist


Call it serendipity; call it hard work and countless years spent honing a craft that is simply your raison d’être; call it an acute cognisance of what makes the modern music industry tick and an almost visceral awareness of how music is inculcated by the club going fraternity. Whatever defines a career at the vanguard of the underground dance industry for more than 25 years; Jimmy Van M is the epitome of such a definition. Jimmy has a wide-ranging musical influence (Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Front 242, AC/DC, The Cure, Talking Heads, Prince, New Order) which lead him into electronic music with his first club experience at 14 years of age at The Bocaccio in Gent, Belgium to his first residency in NYC at the legendary Twillo together with Sasha and John Digweed and leading up to one of his proudest moments, creating the 2002 Delta Heavy Tour reaching 31 cities, over a 100.000 people total audience.

Jimmy Van M’s ability to adapt, diversify and sustain his relevance in a dynamic and transitory industry has not been achieved by passion and dedication to his craft has seen Jimmy as vital today highlighting and developing conceptual frameworks from which he underpins his musical ideas. Currently residing in Buenos Aires assuring an enduring legacy with Insound Academy's solid reputation planted firmly in Buenos Aires hosting a revolution of electronic music enthusiast. Jimmy now is entering a new chapter in his career with a move to Berlin pushing the musical boundaries to explore new creative avenues further.

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